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Blomberg Indain weddings
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Expert Style

Greg Blomberg is a highly sought after Indian wedding photographer due to his award winning photographic skills, creativity, and reputation in the industry. He is known for his ability to capture stunning and memorable images that showcase the beauty and joy of the entire wedding experience. Despite Greg’s  busy schedule as a top wedding photographer, he will still make time for his clients and will work closely with them to understand their vision

Engagement Session

Engagement photos are a key part of the process, allowing couples to share the special moment of their commitment with the world. Engagement photos can be taken in any number of settings and styles, from traditional poses in a studio to fun, candid shots outdoors. With a professional Indian wedding photographer, couples can capture the beauty of their love story in stunning photos that will last a lifetime. 

Blomberg Indian Weddings specializes in capturing the vibrant colors, memorable moments, and all the emotions of your special day. We are a top Indian wedding photography service based in Dallas, Texas and very passionate about telling the story of your wedding day in the most meaningful and beautiful way possible. 


Pre-Wedding Consultation

Regardless of whether Greg is working directly with the couple or with a wedding planner, his goal is always to capture beautiful and meaningful images that the couple will love forever. By consulting directly with the couple or wedding planner in advance, they can ensure that they are able to create a custom shot list to capture all of the special moments that are important to the couple.

Creative Vision

Professional photographer Greg Blomberg is skilled and experienced in capturing images that tell a story, convey emotion, and showcase the beauty of their subjects. He have a keen eye for detail and composition, and is able to "see" light in a way that allows him to create images that are visually striking and impactful. Greg has a unique style that sets his work apart from others, is constantly experimenting with new techniques and is always looking for ways to push the boundaries of what is possible. Indian weddings are known for their vibrant colors, rich cultural traditions, and elaborate ceremonies, and capturing these moments requires a photographer like Greg Blomberg, who is skilled in navigating these complex and dynamic environments.

Blomberg Indian Weddings is a professional photography service that can provide coverage for weddings of all sizes, from small intimate affairs to large and elaborate 3 or 4 day celebrations. For larger celebrations, Blomberg Indian Weddings has the experience and expertise to handle the logistics of covering a multi-day event. The team can provide comprehensive coverage of all the events, from the pre-wedding ceremonies to the reception, and can capture the energy and excitement of the festivities.

Event Coverage

Additional Photographers

We suggest multiple photographers for weddings of over 200 guests, which allows you to capture more moments and details of your wedding. This is particularly helpful for Indian weddings, which often have several ceremonies and events happening simultaneously. Having more than one photographer ensures that every important moment is captured, from different angles and perspectives.

Additional Events

We occasionally have clients who have planned experiences around the actual wedding activities, especially when it comes to destination weddings. There could be a welcome party, golfing, spa day, horseback riding, snorkeling or a catamaran trip for everyone. Let us know if you want these activities documented as well and we can easily add coverage

We strive to excel by providing the highest quality of service, utilizing the latest technology and equipment, remaining flexible and creative to capture the most important moments and offering competitive pricing.

Service Details

Clients, Friends & Family

It brings us great joy to acquaint ourselves with you and collaborate with you as our valued clients. We will dedicate ample time to meticulously plan and capture the essence of your events, and perhaps even develop a close friendship along the way. Building new connections is something we cherish, and we would be thrilled to participate in future undertakings, including portrait sessions for your loved ones.


Every wedding is different, different hours, events, portraits, etc. so why would the pricing be the same for everyone? That is why we do not offer packages. We do not want you to pay for something that you do not need, so we will create a customized wedding quote just for you. We also offer a full compliment of “a la carte” items such as portraits, framing Albums and more.  Weddings start at $4,500.

Image Turnaround

Most people think that we just show up at the appointed time and take pictures, we do. However, that is not all we do. After the wedding, we spend hours going through thousands of images keeping only the good ones, so you don’t have to. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for your digital delivery.

Custom Editing

We edit each and every image for color, density, Composition and more taking up to 3 or 4 additional days. This ensures that you are getting the absolute best images.

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