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The featured wedding of Kendal and Soham was a beautifully planned and executed event, with the wedding planning expertly handled by Lorraine Tomás. The couple's reception was brought to life with the help of DJ Riz Entertainment, who kept the energy up and the dance floor packed all night long. The floral arrangements were stunning, thanks to the talented team at Prashe Decor, who created a romantic and elegant atmosphere with their designs. Blomberg Indian Weddings captured every precious moment of the big day with their exceptional photography skills, providing the couple with lasting memories to treasure for years to come. The wedding took place at the Omni Mandalay, a luxurious venue that provided the perfect backdrop for the occasion. From start to finish, the featured wedding of Kendal and Soham was a celebration of love and happiness, expertly crafted and executed by a team of talented professionals.

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